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Vans & Vomit

By Mike Hyde, The Webmaster

While I was taking my daily van load of children to school, I was reminded why I keep my travel sickness recovery kit safely stored in the van. The young lady that was trapped in the second to last seat suddenly became nauseated and left me a gift that almost caused me and several others in the van to have our own incident. I didn’t have to use my kit today because I was able to come right back to the home and the wash rack, where I was able to hose everything down, but it definitely reminded me of the day I created it.

I was picking up a group of kids from camp. We were traveling through the mountains 30 miles from the nearest town, and the jr high kid in the back seat (who had just set a camp record for eating the most french toast) with out warning let it go. All I had in the van was a quarter roll of paper towels and a garbage bag I took from one of the kids who was using it as a laundry bag. There wasn’t much I could do. I used most of the paper towels to clean up the kid and with the few remaining covered the ralph on the floor. We rolled down all the windows and did our best to keep our faces as close as we could to the fresh air. I can not tell you how excited we were to see that Wal-mart parking lot 30 minutes later.

I went inside and bought 2 rolls of paper-towels, a box of Clorox wipes, a can of Ozium air freshener, and a box of Travel Sickness pills. I used the bags the store gave me so I didn’t need to buy garbage bags. I was able to do a pretty good job cleaning it up and Ozium does an excellent job as an air freshener. We were able to make the 6 hour trip back to the home.

I now have a kit that I keep in a plastic laundry soap bucket with a lid (We have bunches of them around. In our house we use two a week) and keep it in the van. I’ve had to use it a couple of times since then.

My kit includes:

  • Two rolls of paper-towels
  • Two Garbage Bags
  • Two Pair of Latex Gloves
  • One box of Clorox wipes (I am sure any brand would work fine, I keep them in a Zip-lock bag so they won’t dry out)
  • One can of Ozium Air Freshener (I think it does the best job of covering the odor, it also comes in a small can)
  • One box of Travel Sickness Pills
  • You will also find it useful for other messy incidents you might find yourself surrounded by.

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