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The 3lb Big Burger

By Mike Hyde, The Webmaster

After seeing a TV commercial about a 4 pound cheeseburger several times I decided to try something similar for my kids and they loved it.

I started talking about it a few days before I made it just to see how they would react. As I figured, they got real exited. In fact the day I made them, it was pretty much all they talked about. I even had several other kids on campus come up and ask me if I was really going to make a 3 lb cheeseburger.

For the buns I used Hawaiian Bread that I bought at the store. When I sliced it open, I made two cuts and removed about an inch of bread out of the middle so that the bun was not so thick. The only other needed ingredient was a lot of ground beef. When they were done, I cut them like a pizza and they fed 9 of us.

Here are the Burgers Before I cooked them. They weren’t quite 3 lbs each, but they were close.
The Burgers Before I cook Them

Burgers on the Grill
Burgers On The Grill

Here they are just about finished. It took 6 slices of cheese to cover it. I have a couple of kids that don’t like cheese so I only covered half of the other burger.
Burgers are Almost Finished

The Finished Product.
The Finished Product

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