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Required Please check button indicating youI have read and understand the policies of The Houseparent Network regarding the Featured Facility Lising. Click Here to read policies.

The image for a Featured Facility Listing is 725 pixels wide X 125 pixels tall. If you wish to have a specific image used you can email to the me at houseparentnetwork@gmail.com. It must be in either jpeg, gif, or png format. If you already have a job listing on The Houseparent Network, I would be happy to rework that banner/image to be used in your Featured Facility Listing. At the moment there is no additional fee for that. I could also, with your permission, capture images off your website to use.

After you click on the "Send It" button, print the page that appears. Mail that page and your check/money order  to the address below.

You can also pay using your credit card by using the link on the page after you submit the form.  square

If you have any questions E-mail me at: houseparentnetwork@gmail.com or call me at 662-574-1818.


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