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There are job listings from all over the country at Christian and Non-Christian Facilities. There are also listings for Maternity homes and homes for disabled and special needs individuals.

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Position Title: House Parents
Facility Name: Sheridan House Family Ministries
Facility Location: Davie, FL
Contact Person:  Brian Vann/Molly Pursell
Contact Phone #:  954.414.3399
Contact E-Mail:  bvann@sheridanhouse.org/mpursell@sheridanhouse.org
Salary: $55-60,000.00 per couple (based on experience)

Job Description:

 A position may be opening in 6-8 months at Sheridan House Family Ministries. We will be looking for an "empty nest" couple to serve as house parents for the boys in our care. Our house parents live in the home, creating a family environment for at-risk boys (6th thru 10th grade). The children return to their parent’s home on weekends and holidays. Each home includes a full time Behavioral Specialist. The position includes salary, a private apartment, and weekends/school breaks off. Benefits include a retirement plan, food, medical, dental and life insurance.
If you and your spouse have a desire to help at-risk boys by creating a safe and caring environment, guiding and coaching them as you implement our established behavior modification program, and have a deep desire to provide them spiritual and moral development, visit www.sheridanhouse.org

Required Qualifications:
- High School Diploma or GED equivalent
- Work experience and education in a similar environment
- Driver's License

Preferred Qualifications:
- Bachelor's Degree in Social Services, Psychology or related field
- Previous experience working with children

Skills required (Must be able to:)
- set and enforce appropriate limits and boundaries with children
- speak, read and write English at the high school level
- perform Basic First Aid & CPR skills
- transport children
- observe individuals and accurately document observations and interventions
- facilitate group discussions with parents
- respond to crisis situations effectively
- intervene decisively when necessary

Necessary Physical Requirements: Sitting, Standing, Walking, Lifting, Carrying, Kneeling, Pushing/Pulling, Bending/Stooping, Reaching, Cooking, Driving etc.

Position Title: Resident Parent/ Mentor
Facility Name: North Central Texas Academy
Facility Location: Glen Rose, Texas
Contact Person:  Samuel Gantt
Contact Phone #:  502.741.5067
Contact E-Mail:  Sam.ganttncta@gmail.com
Salary: $20-30,000 plus housing and benefits

Job Description:

 Resident Parent Job Description
Resident Parents and Mentors are responsible for creating a safe and comfortable home environment for up to 8 students in a residence. They oversee the growth and development of the students in their care, by helping them balance their responsibilities, interpersonal relationships, and spiritual life. Resident Parents provide a Christian environment through prayer, open discussion and family devotions.
Our students come from a variety of backgrounds--including other countries. You can expect to teach them respectful communication skills, time management, and conflict resolution as well as essential character traits, like honesty, kindness, patience, tolerance and self-control.
We have positions for both Married and Single Resident parents. They work in partnership with each other and with other residential staff to care for the students in their residences. Single Resident Parents work with students when the couples are not on duty and vice versa. Resident parents communicate regularly with the supervisor to ensure that the students are properly cared for and that NCTA policies are followed.
Current positions available are for Single Men and Women, and Married Couples.

· Resident Parents work a rotating schedule of 4 days on and 2 days off.
· Time off follows the Academic Calendar (nearly 2 ½ months of time off)
· Opportunity to be a full time student
· Private apartment provided
· All utilities paid
· Meals provided while on duty
· Health benefits are offered

WATCH our introductory video at www.northcentraltexasacademy.org/apply
Website:   https://www.northcentraltexasacademy.org

Position Title:  Houseparent
Facility Name: Christian Life Home
Facility Location: Raleigh, NC
Contact Person:  Giles Fort
Contact Phone #:  (804) 381-1227
Contact E-Mail:  Giles@christianlifehome.org

Job Description:

Christian Life Home serves young women during and after unplanned pregnancies, providing housing, food, health care assistance, counseling, and life skills training in a Christian family environment. Services include a non-residential program, maternity home, mother/baby home, and independent living program. We also serve as a model to similar ministries providing training and consultation services. You can learn more about us at our website www.christianlifehome.org

Christian Life Home is seeking a married Christian couple to serve full time as house parents in a Christian, family style group home. It is a full time position for both husband and wife. Compensation is around 75k per year, including a salary range of 35-40K per year, plus housing, utilities, food, and HSA health insurance plan. The houseparent apartment is a two bedroom, one bathroom, plus kitchen and small living area. Position requires ability to serve others in ministry through hospitality, ability to live/work together in community, work under supervision of director, plus basic discipleship, communication, and problem solving skills. To learn more about the position call Giles Fort (804) 381-1227 or submit a resume and testimony for both husband and wife by email to giles@christianlifehome.org.

Still creek Ranch

Position Title: Married Houseparent Couple
Facility Name: Still Creek Ranch
Facility Location: Bryan, TX 77808
Contact Person: Serena Logue 
Contact Phone #: 979-215-4375
Contact E-Mail:  s.logue@stillcreekranch.org
Salary: $40,000 - $70,000 per couple based on experience, 55% of basic health plan paid

Job Description:

Still Creek Ranch Houseparents

Experience & Education:
-Related field experience in social work, youth ministry, teaching, etc. is preferred.
-Bachelors degree preferred.

-Small families and some pets are allowed/encouraged.
-Must be strong in the Christian faith and able to affirm our statement of faith.
-Must have a strong marriage relationship and be equally yoked in parenting ideas and in practice.

-Direct care of up to 8 boys or girls.
-Use TBRI principles, and other trainings to help children from crisis situations to life as a new creation.
-Be creative in ways to reach and build relationships with children aged 10-14.
-Manage household budget well.
-Work with Resident Program Director, Counselors, Teachers, and other staffing to create home and educational care plans and individual intervention plans for each resident in houseparent care.
-Maintain home, immediate adjoining property, house vehicle, and assist with other ranch projects as needed.
Website: www.stillcreekranch.org

Position Title: Houseparent - Primary and Relief
Facility Name: Christ's Home
Facility Location: 800 York Road, Warminster, PA 18974
Contact Person:  Anthony Cartusciello
Contact Phone #:  215.956.1869
Contact E-Mail:  acartusciello@christshome.org
Salary: Annualized Per Individual $32,727-$51,328

Job Description:

Do you want to serve the Lord by providing services to disadvantaged children and youth in a homelike setting? If you are interested in guiding, teaching and mentoring young people and serving as an overall positive role model for those in need then a Houseparent position at Christ’s Home on one of our beautiful campuses might be right for you.

Couples or individuals committed to the cause of serving those entrusted to our care in an atmosphere graced with love, dignity, compassion and respect may apply for Primary or Relief House Parent positions.

-Sign on bonuses are available and unique scheduling opportunities exist (4 consecutive days on and 3 days off for Primary position or 3 consecutive days on and 4 days off for Relief Parent role)
-Great benefit packages
-Assistance with relocation fees included
-Rental cottages may be available for staff

Primary and Relief parents are responsible for the general welfare, safety and supervision of youth entrusted to our care. Parents are to be positive role models balancing providing compassionate care, setting healthy limits with youth as well as providing learning opportunities for growth and responsible decision making. Unconditional positive regard is to be displayed towards youth at all times. Being trauma aware, sensitive and ultimately Trauma Attuned and Responsive is a primary objective.

House parents oversee all aspects of a child’s Individual Service Plan (ISP) setting goals to meet medical, academic and social-emotional goals. Collaboration with external partners is vital and the role involves aspects of case management and oversight for the child’s integrated plan of care.

Providing a family like environment for youth to develop healthy adult and peer relationships is vital as well. Creating unique experiences for youth to relate in healthy ways and engage in fun recreational activities is also paramount. Modeling and teaching of social skills in a focused way is part of the process of House Parent role.

Creating a healing an environment for youth allows us an opportunity to display God’s love through our everyday service.

Being a part of a community of caregivers focused on serving the Lord through our service to those who come to us at critical crossroads in their lives is a great privilege, opportunity, challenge and journey.

If you are interested in potentially being a part of this exciting journey with us, please reach out for more information.
Website:   www.christshome.org

Position Title: Residential House Parent
Facility Name: Goodland, Inc. AKA Goodland Academy
Facility Location: Hugo, Oklahoma 74743
Contact Person: Chandy Cowley
Contact Phone #:  580.326.7568
Contact E-Mail:  c.cowley@goodland.org
Salary: $21,000 per year per house parent

Job Description:


1.01 To implement the established program of residential child care that assures the individual needs of each student (e.g. emotional, social, spiritual, educational, recreational, etc.) are adequately served,

1.02 To provide for the health, safety, and welfare of each student assigned to the cottage, and

1.03 To maintain necessary documentation and records in accordance with the established policies and procedures of Goodlandand the Oklahoma Child Care Standards.

1.04 To meet or exceed any and all goals and objectives promulgated by the President.


2.01 The Cottage Parentis responsible to the Program Managerand will be evaluated annually.

2.02 The Cottage Parentperforms duties associated with day-to-day operation of a family-style care program for youth.


3.01 Provide for the physical well-being of the youth through the sharing or providing of happiness, praise, empathy, consolation, joy, optimism, respect and sympathy.

3.02 Provide for the protection of the youth...

a) from physical harm, such as fire, electrical dangers, poisons, drugs, etc.

b) from decisions by school, courts, agencies, or family members that may be to the detriment of the child;

c) from hazardous situations by having knowledge of where the youth is, who the youth is with and what the youth is doing; and

d) by encouraging the development of cultural and ethnic identity and realistic relationships with natural parents.

3.03 To provide for the spiritual development of the youth in their care through...

a) the encouragement of prayer, spiritual reading and contemplation;

b) the development of moral and positive values; and

c) family participation in the spiritual community.

3.04 To provide increased socialization through the teaching of practical, social, self-help, academic, and maintenance skills necessary for the child to function competently in the social environment. Such skills would specifically include assertiveness, dating, studying, accepting feedback, negotiating, grammar, spelling, doing laundry, personal hygiene, task completion, comparative shopping, following directions, delayed gratification, rational problem-solving, etc.

3.05 To provide for the academic and vocational development of the youth thro
Website: http://www.goodland.org/

Position Title: Houseparent Couple
Facility Name: Collins Children's Home
Facility Location: Seneca, South Carolina 
Contact Person:  Alena Pelfrey
Contact Phone #: 1.864.882.0893
Contact E-Mail:  apelfrey@collinschildrenshome.org
Salary: Competitive salary and benefits, plus off-duty housing (relocation assistance may be available)
$4,000 signing bonus per couple

Job Description:

Houseparent Couple
Collins Home is seeking a dedicated houseparent couple to provide nurturing, family style care for our residents. As a Houseparent Couple at Collins Home, you have the unique opportunity to help children from many different backgrounds find a place that they can truly call home.

We have two cottages (serving 6-8 children of the same gender and age range), with a houseparent couple and relief-parent working in each cottage; 10 days-on/4 days-off to allow consistency for children, and adequate work-life balance for staff. All cottages have private staff quarters.

We provide you:
• $4,000 signing bonus per couple (half paid at 6-months and half paid at 1-year)
• Comprehensive Benefits (employer paid insurance: dental, short-term/long-term disability and life. Employer paid medical reimbursement $200/month per employee)
• SIMPLE-IRA; matching contribution equal to your contribution up to 2% of your compensation for the year
• Paid Vacation Days
• Two 8-passenger mini vans per cottage
• Food, restaurant, gas, activities and supplies when on-duty
• Local YMCA membership
• Training and skill development

• Live on-site in a ranch-style home providing direct parental care for up to 8 children
• Provide a loving, Christian living environment in a home-like setting with structure and stability
• Be a role model for children & youth in your care
• Provide educational support as needed (note: also have the support of tutors)
• Assist with spiritual and emotional development
• Plan, execute and teach independent living skills such as meal preparation, chores, etc.
• Prepare written records and paperwork in a timely manner
• Maintain house budget

Must be:
• 21 years of age
• Have a minimum of a high school diploma
• A valid driver’s license
• Be able to pass extensive background checks
• Successfully complete training

Give us a call at 864-882-0893 to schedule a preliminary phone interview. Website: www.collinschildrenshome.org

Facility Name: Martin residence
Facility Location: Anna, TX
Contact Person:  Lynn Martin
Contact Phone #:  682-554-5103
Contact E-Mail:  jkklm@sbcglobal.net
Salary: $1,500 for single; $2,000 for couple to start (salary increases worth each additional resident), room, board, 4 weeks paid time off per year, one paid weekend per month off, plus some day time off.

Job Description:

Live-in House Parent(s)/ Program Director for high functioning young men on the autism spectrum

Christ-focused companion care home in Anna, Texas, is seeking House Parent(s)/Program Director for a high-functioning ASD young man (eventually 2 will be added, age 20-30) who works and goes to school.
The current opening is for a married couple (no children) or a single male or older female.
Side note: our set-up is a companion care home, rather than a group home, where (eventually) 3 high-functioning young men will live and be involved in life with the oversight and guidance of an older companion.
* committed follower of Christ.
* lead young men in daily worship/prayer time with Bible study that is customized for ASD understanding
* have a calling to guide HF ASD young men towards reaching their full potential
* have previous experience with and knowledge of high-functioning adults on the spectrum
* be excited about helping create a program that will ensure the residents are moving towards their full potential
* have management skills and be able to organize and perform/assist with duties in all areas of the residents' lives: money, food, cooking, shopping, appointments, meds, schedules, chores, exercise, employment, school, social lives/events, travel, cultural experiences, monitored computer time, etc.
* have reliable transportation with current registration and insurance
* drive residents wherever the program requires, including work, church, events, travel, etc.
* be physically able to perform household duties
* CPR certified
* teachable
* flexible
* adhere to protocols written by JC/parents of residents
Background check, credit check and references will be required as part of the hiring process.

Position Title: Houseparent
Facility Name: Oblong Children's Christian Home
Facility Location: Oblong IL
Contact Person:  Arvin Moden
Contact Phone #:  618 592-3633
Contact E-Mail: arvin.moden@yahoo.com

Job Description:

Respected Houseparents

Do you want to serve Jesus Christ on a team that respects and values your input as a houseparenting couple? As houseparents at Oblong Children’s Christian Home, (OCCH) you give input into which children are considered for placement . After a pre-placement visit, you have the final say regarding a placement decision. As a team member, your input is solicited and respected in decisions that affect your home. All houseparents attend Board meetings.

This respect for all staff has resulted in houseparents providing Christ centered stable homes for youth. The current houseparents have served 22 years, 21 years, 16 years, and 3 years as houseparents on the Oblong campus. Three out the four houseparenting couples have served as houseparents at other children’s home before coming to (OCCH).

Oblong Children’s Christian Home is seeking a mature Christian married couple to minister to up to 8 youth. Houseparents are professionals who work as a team with the counselor/case worker, and executive director to provide an environment where God changes the lives of youth and their families. For a complete list of qualifications and responsibilities see the Home’s website at WWW.oblongchristianhome.org

The Oblong Children’s Christian Home offers a competitive pay package, retirement contribution, and fully pays health insurance for the houseparent couple. housing, food and utilities are provided. Houseparents receive five days per month off and vacation and sick leave.

The anticipated opening is in a boys' home that provides a stable Christian family home for boys between the ages of 6 and 17 at placement. Houseparents provide unconditional love and guidance. The youth also participate in counseling and a therapeutic horsemanship program. The houseparents and youth in their care can attend one of several local Christian Churches or Churches of Christ in the community.

The goal for most children is return home when both the child and the parents are prepared for
successful reunification. If return home is not possible, the home assists the youths until they are prepared for independent living. The ultimate goal is to prepare the young person for a life of Christian living and for eternity.
The home has excellent facilities and enjoys a sound financial base of church and individual
support without accepting State and Federal money.

Application Procedure:
Send cover letter, resume and references to arvin.moden@yahoo.com.
Address of Main Office:
Oblong Children’s Christian Home
4094 E. 1050 Ave
Oblong, IL 62449
Contact and Questions:
Arvin L. Moden
(618) 592-3633

Position Title: Direct Care Staff/Caregiver
Facility Name: California Community Opportunities
Facility Location: San Jose, CA
Contact Person:  Ana Arias
Contact Phone #:  669-600-1397
Contact E-Mail:  anaariasmontoya@ca-cco.org

Job Description:

 Direct Care Staff/Caregiver
San Jose, CA

California Community Opportunities (CCO) is a private, nonprofit San Jose-based agency providing homes and lifelong learning to adults with developmental and physical disabilities. CCO is hiring dependable, responsible, and caring direct care staff also known as caregivers or Teaching Counselors, to work with the individuals we serve. We have permanent (not “on call”) Day and Night positions. We provide extensive, ongoing paid training and 24/7 support as you assist the individuals we serve. You will become certified as a Teaching Counselor within the Family Teaching Model.

Homes [Work Locations] are located in Cupertino, Los Gatos, and San Jose.

Paid Training takes place in our South San Jose office. [1 week/paid]

Current Openings:

Weekend Positions - $16.40 per hour + $24.60 Overtime [Average hourly rate per hour $18.63 - $19.13]

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm [12 hour daily shift & 36 hours per week] $19.13 average hourly rate
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm [12 hour daily shift & 36 hours per week] $19.13 average hourly rate
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 8:00 pm to 7:00 am [AWAKE POSITION] [11 hour daily shift & 33 hours per week] $18.63
Schedules are set, there is no on-call requirement, and shifts never get cancelled or can be altered.

-Teach daily living skills to individuals with developmental disabilities.
-Provide direct care with sensitivity, this may include personal hygiene.
-Support individuals in their homes and in the community.
-Cleaning of the home and night/sleeping supervision of individuals served. [night position]

Benefits and Perks:

Paid Training
Paid Vacation [2 Weeks per Year]
Paid Sick Leave [3 Days per Year]
Paid Covid testing
Holiday pay
Kaiser Medical Insurance [Low Cost Employee & Dependent Premiums]
MetLife Dental and VSP Vision Insurance [Low Cost Employee & Dependent Premiums]
Ongoing Professional Training
Certification Annual Bonus [$200 - $300 on first certification to used towards gift cards]
Monthly Teacher Appreciation Gifts
Free Meals on shift [Day]

Website:    https://www.ca-cco.org/

Position Title: Houseparent
Facility Name: Hendrick Home for Children
Facility Location: Abilene Texas
Contact Person:  Lisa Parks
Contact Phone #: 325.370.3231
Contact E-Mail:  lisaparks@hendrickhome.org
Salary: 70,000+ couple

Job Description:


 Hendrick Home for Children is accepting applications for our Basic Care Program. The Home raises children, ages 5 to 18, in a safe and loving Christian environment. The children are reared in an atmosphere of spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual growth. They enjoy participating in all academic and extracurricular activities of their public school. The right couple will identify with our core values of Family, Spiritual Development, Education, Mutual Respect, Dignity, Compassion, and Responsibility. With our mission and these values in mind, the role will primarily provide:
* A Positive Role Model for our children
* Care and Supervision for residents in the assigned cottage
* Responsibilities of a Parent to include the provision of Material, Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, and Disciplinary Needs
* Preparation and Menu Documentation
* Transportation for children, including but not limited to, to and from school and medical appointments
* Administration & Documentation of Medications
* Ability to follow schedules and participate in related planning

Minimum Qualifications Include:
* High School Diploma or GED
* Valid Driver's License w/excellent driving record
* Ability to care for up to 8 children
* Must possess and exhibit behavior that demonstrates cultural diversity and sensitivity
* License in Childcare preferred

$70,000+/Couple, Rent-free private 2-bedroom apartment, meals and utilities (including cable), Medical, Dental, Vision, Group Life Insurance, Long Term Disability, and 401(k) with company distribution. Hendrick Home offers flexible schedules, including ones week on and one week off
Website:   hendrickhome.org 

Position Title: House Parent Couple
Facility Name: Bethel Bible Village
Facility Location: Hixson, TN
Contact Person:  Jill A Sharrett
Contact Phone #:  423.362.4625
Contact E-Mail:  jsharrett@bethelbiblevillage.org

Job Description:

 House Parent Couple

Bethel Bible Village is a faith-based residential home for children of families in crisis. We are currently seeking a live-in Christian married couple to serve as full-time missionaries in a cottage of up to eight school-aged young people. Your role will be teaching these youth life skills and inspiring their physical, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional development.

• Spiritual: Be active participating Christians in a local congregation
• Education: High school diplomas or equivalent; college degrees preferred
• Specific Skills: Minimum one year of youth-related experience – educating, coaching, or working with middle and high school-aged children. Effective communication and interpersonal skills are required; computer skills are preferred.
• License: Valid driver’s licenses required.
• Other Requirements: The couple must be married for at least two years with no more than two dependent children. Applicants must be lawfully authorized to work in the U.S. and be at least 21 years of age.

Our benefits package includes salary, room & board, medical, dental, life insurance, 403(b), vacation, sick, and personal days. The schedule will be 4 1/2 days on and 2 1/2 days off. Please visit www.bethelbiblevillage.org to learn more about our ministry and to apply.  

Position Title: House Parent/Mentor
Facility Name: Rawhide Youth Services
Facility Location: New London, WI
Contact Person:  Kassie Woodliff
Contact Phone #:  (920) 851-6895
Contact E-Mail:  kwoodliff@rawhide.org

Job Description:

Work at Rawhide and make a difference every day.

We are looking for passionate, caring and hardworking individuals who feel a calling to help Rawhide transform the lives of at-risk youth. At Rawhide, you will find opportunities for personal and professional career development, a great benefit package, and the fulfillment of knowing the impact that your efforts will have on the lives of youth.

The House Parent/Mentor cares and mentors youth by modeling and teaching life skills and family values; integrating individualized treatment plans; using critical thinking skills to carry out day-to-day residential operations and processes; partnering with team members to sustain a therapeutic culture that recognizes and values youth progress toward treatment goals and strategies.

Essential Job Functions for House Parent/Mentor:

  • Builds a mentoring relationship and engages in teaching moments with youth
  • Collaborates with all teams involved to implement individual treatment plans
  • Supports and assists with day-to-day residential operations and processes including medication administration
  • Completes accurate documentation to remain in compliance with licensing requirements

Experience/Education for House Parent/Mentor:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • 2-3 years relevant experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred but must have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Meet one of the following qualifications
    • Have an associates or bachelor’s degree with a focus on child and youth care work or in a social or behavioral science field
    • 2-3 years relevant experience working in a recognized child welfare setting for the type of population served by Rawhide

Skills for House Parent/Mentor:

  • Valid driver’s license with insurable driving record
  • Exercises critical thinking, judgment and discernment
  • Ability to identify and respond to crisis situations
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds and stand for long periods of time
  • Physically able to meet the demands of the position, including providing therapeutic physical restraints

Rawhide Youth Services Benefit Overview:

  • Competitive Pay
  • Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance 
  • Competitive 401k plan
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Onsite Nurse
  • Meals while on duty
  • Onsite Café and Coffee Shop 
  • Tuition Reimbursement 
  • Nature Trails/Waterfront Access on 700+ acres
  • Onsite Fitness Center and Gym 
  • Employee Assistance Program 
  • Employee Development Program 
  • Jury Duty Leave
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Paid Benefits for Birth or Adoption

It is the policy of Rawhide Youth Services, Inc. to comply with the equal opportunity policy and
standards of the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, the Department of Health
Services and the Department of Workforce Development and all applicable state and federal
statutes and regulations relating to nondiscrimination in employment and service delivery.

Website: https://www.rawhide.org/

Position Title: House Manager/Mentor
Facility Name: Two Lives Changed
Facility Location: 13111 Bammel North Houston
Contact Person: Michele Brown
Contact Phone #: 281.948.5273
Contact E-Mail:  mbrown@tlctx.org
Salary: $22,500

Job Description:

 The integral role of this position is to provide a warm and loving, family-style Christian atmosphere for the residents of the home. Housemothers give direct guidance of and management to the house. Rent, Food, and Utilities are covered. House mothers are allowed to have part-time jobs. This job is managing adults, therefore the workload is light.  Most of the time they are at trade school or work.  

Responsibilities include the following:

*Model the role of a Christian mother to the residents.
*Consistently lead in prayer and family devotions. Be willing to share the gospel and disciple the women as the Spirit leads.
*Assist in intakes, room preparation and by leading women through the Resident Handbook and signing of the Chrysalis Covenant.
*Participate in weekly staff meetings and weekly shift change with the Program Director of Residential Services for training, planning, and staffing purposes.
*Meet with the board and other staff of TLC as requested.
*Oversee management of the house including meal planning, cooking, shopping, cleaning and scheduling. Implement a rotation for shared responsibility and management of household tasks with residents and establish a weekly house meeting for planning. One meal per day together is required and others are encouraged.
*Oversee the management, storage,and presentation of donated and stored items, household supplies and needs.
*Encourage and model good habits for personal hygiene and home maintenance. Communicate openly and honestly with the
*Program Director about any concerns with residents and their children, building, volunteers, staff and visitors.
*Participate and model Trust-Based Relational Interventions (TBRI) with Residents and their children. Assist in teaching TBRI and its principles.
Website:   www.twoliveschangedtx.org 

Position Title: Life Coach
Facility Name: Private Home
Facility Location: Pemberton, NJ
Contact Person: Kamelia
Contact Phone #:  732-794-4777
Contact E-Mail: kameli59@gmail.com
Salary: $20/hr

Job Description:

We’re in NJ, a few acres… We have two adult sons with developmental disabilities, great team of staff who are like family, 6 horses, dogs and cats. Looking for a coach to our boys and help with the upkeep of their house, property and animals. Day shift, overnight and weekend shifts available. Live-in will be considered for the right person/couple.  

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