Residential Facilities (listed by state)

The Houseparent Network is not affiliated with any facility listed in this directory.  They are listed purely for informational purposes only.  If you would like to contact a facility listed, please contact them directly using the information posted.

If you would like to submit a facility to this directory, please use the Feedback Form on the contact page.

Information on Directory Listings (Policies & Prices)

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Current listings in this directory as of 7/17/2018 is (28) -- In the "Members Only" directory there are 1259 facilities listed

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 Alabama     Louisiana   Ohio 
 Alaska   Maine   Oklahoma 
 Arizona   Maryland   Oregon 
 Arkansas    Massachusetts    Pennsylvania 
 California   Michigan    Rhode Island 
 Colorado   Minnesota  South Carolina 
 Connecticut   Mississippi   South Dakota 
 Delaware   Missouri   Tennessee 
 Florida   Montana   Texas  
 Georgia   Nebraska   Utah 
 Hawaii   Nevada   Vermont 
 Idaho   New Hampshire   Virginia  
 Illinois   New Jersey   Washington  
 Indiana   New Mexico   West Virginia 
 Iowa   New York   Wisconsin 
 Kansas   North Carolina   Wyoming  
 Kentucky   North Dakota   District of Columbia 

The entries in this directory are from facilities that have submitted their information.  I have a much larger directory in the "Members Only" section that is the result of hundreds of hours of research on the internet and through other sources.  There are currently over 1250 facilities listed from all over the country and include listings for every state. Click Here for additional information

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