You’ve Gotta Be Kidding Me….

First off, I would like to state that there are many excellent facilities around the United States. Many of them are doing all they can to take care of kids. This post is not for you guys….

I have been through many of the listings on the job board and I have talked with many facilities in the past few weeks. To tell you the truth, I am humbled by what I have experienced.

Instead of listing all the nightmare scenarios that I have experienced, I have decided to make this an educational piece for those facilities that have seemed to of- lost their way. If you are an administrator that sits around gripping about finding good people, chances are you need to keep reading…

1. Do not lie to prospective employees. (Or current ones).

2. Do not advertise benefits and salary that you have no intention of offering. Many of the people I interviewed with said they needed to “Update their job posting” as to the amount they listed as starting salary.

3. Do not lie about what you offer in way of housing.

4. Do not sit a couple down in your office and tell them how bad your facility sucks. It’s ok to be a little optimistic.

6. When you take a prospective HP to visit one of your cottages, you really should coordinate with that cottage.

7. Try to get a couple on your campus that will give a positive and realistic view of your campus and program. (One lady asked us if we had any job leads for her and spent 10 minutes telling us how much she hated the facility and admin).

8. For an overnight stay, do not put your prospective employees in an ABANDONED SHACK THAT SMELLS LIKE A REFRIGERATOR IN AN ALLEY.

9. Do not claim to run a certain program when you do not. With the whole “Internet Thing” it won’t take long before an employee that has questions about what or how your doing something will discover you are full of Malarkey.

10. You expect us to be on time for an interview, I expect you to have enough professionalism that if an emergency does occur, you will at least call the office and let people know that you will be late. Especially if it’s an hour or more.

If I had to sum it all up, be honest and be optimistic. All the facilities I have talked with have been “Christian”. I have walked away from most of them feeling like they were anything but “Christian”.

I sure hope things go better when we fly to DC in a few weeks. -Launch

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  1. I guess we were somewhat fortunate that we were told the truth, for the most part. There were some staffing issues and the director now lives in the respite house but we never use it anyway, so after 9 months Launch things are pretty good. I can tell you that Collins, while everyone has issues, is a great place to do life. Ask me in a year. BTW I have tried calling you. Return call please, Wade

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