Whip It Good!!!

I recently talked with one of the Alumni here that grew up in our facility during the 1970’s. Our conversation was about how much our campus has changed from when he was a kid up to the present day. Overall he was very impressed by the program and overall atmosphere of the entire facility.

Back in his day, corporal punishment was an everyday part of life. How punishment was dealt out completely dependent on what cottage you lived in. One cottage in particular was infamous for the spankings/ beatings the old lady dished out. Other cottages seemed to be fair when it came to receiving a whipping.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first guy to start cheering when I see a mother spanking the daylights out of a four year old throwing a tantrum in the check out line. Spanking, when used with calmness, love and straightforwardness is an absolutely wonderful tool that should be used with every child growing up in a healthy family.

In residential child care, corporal punishment is almost a thing of the past. I have only met one couple that worked at a home where spanking was still allowed under special circumstances. Thankfully, spanking is not acceptable in most places. I say that because it takes responsible adults to properly use corporal punishment as a behavioral correction tool. But in residential child care, any corporal punishment administered to a child without clearly defined guidelines and supervision would lead to outright abuse. Not to mention one really pissed off kid that will someday qualify for a handgun permit and an axe to grind.

I’ll admit, there are several times throughout the day that I say to myself “All this little snot needs is one good spanking to reallign his attitude”. But as much as I know it would do a certain five year old a world of good, I know that for the greater good residential child care can never return to those days.

As for my kids, I will most definitly spank them. Do you remember the expression “This will hurt me more than it hurts you”? Not me. Daddy don’t play games when comes to laying the smack down. I have never regretted a single spanking that I gave my boys or daughter, because I know that establishing clear and well defined boudaries is essential for them to develop healthy social skills.

Any thoughts or discussion on this topic are encouraged. I understand that many people who read this blog will not agree with my thoughts or practice. So I encourage discussion, till then, whip it good…. -Launch

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  1. When i was growing up I received the leather truth maker many many times. Raising my own children I too dished it out and advised the kids that I was aiming for the butt and if they moved it was their problem. I am not too pansy when it comes to that, yet so many times I feel just like you Launch that all this kid needs is a swift and to the point swat on the rear end, but again for the better good of all child care workers the ones who need it will not receive it. We do have one that I would like to take behind the woodshed. A kid who knows you can do very little for punishment and who uses the system. Oh well my friend, a big issue.

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