Well – I survived!! & A New Way to Search

Instead of spending the day doing my normal houseparent things, I was able to lay around in bed all day.  Of course up until noon I was waiting to go back to surgery and from then on, I was either under anesthesia or recovering from an “Indirect inguinal hernia repair”  Got out just in time to cook pizza for everybody back at the cottage for supper. I had help from my assistant cook, our 12 year old, and was a little stiff but we got it done.  Tomorrow I will be back to doing my school runs, but I plan to take it pretty easy for a week or so.  It would have been nice to take a couple days to recover, but we are pretty short in the staff category at the moment, with cutbacks and everything.  I didn’t want to move out to the house, because it would have been pretty hard picking up things to move back after surgery. Plus we need to save my wife’s family sick days to use next month when we have to travel back to Montana for her mom’s surgery.

It’s kind of nice that we have a position in which we can do something like this, and I look forward to the next month to use it as an excuse to get out of work details.  Enough about that.

Google Search

I wanted to let everyone know about a new feature on The Houseparent Network.  I have struggled for years trying to work with various search programs to allow people to search the site.  I’ve had varying degrees of success.  The best I had until now was with my old hosting package, but it is gone now and has been for a few years now.  Because I have not been able to find something workable and the site is getting so large ,as far as number of pages, I have decided to partner with Google to provide search for the Network.  The partnership entails me giving them money each year and they will provide search results for my visitors.

It works really well and provides results of the main site, as well as the community and blog.  I have search boxes on the home page and all the main pages and hope to have them on all pages very soon.  Feel free to check it out and I hope everyone finds it useful.

I’m hurting now, so I think I am going to take a pain pill and go to bed.  Have a great day.

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