Viruses & Vomit

As I was lying in bed last night listening to the chorus of coughs up and down the hall , I had memories of an earlier time when another virus raged through our house. It was a very nasty virus that reeked havoc on my house for almost a week. Out of the 12 people that resided in my house at the time, 9 of us got it including me.

It started with one child that had thrown up over the night, and we woke up to vomit on the bed, on the wall, and on the floor and rug. My wife has a very weak stomach so I had the pleasure of cleaning it up. That evening two more children came down with it. One made it halfway down the hall before letting loose, the other made it inside the bathroom but that was it. Again I had the pleasure of cleaning it all up.

The next morning the first child was totally recovered and felt fine, but we woke up again to a child losing it in their bed. This scenario repeated itself for six days and I totally lost count of how many messes I had to clean up. It all ended on the 6th day when I came down with it and lost my lunch for the first time in about 10 years. I went to bed that afternoon and woke up the next morning feeling fine. I am truly thankful it was a fast moving virus that didn’t last long, I can only imagine what would have happened if it lasted for a week in each individual.

Currently we have the common cold virus going through our house, although other cottages have strep throat and we will probably end up with it also. Odds are about 75% of our house will end up getting sick, I guess the other 25% have some immunity or something, but that is how it always seems to work out.

Living in close quarters makes spreading germs much easier and about the only thing we can do to reduce it is:

  • Be very diligent about washing hands
  • Don’t share cups, straws, etc.
  • Try to limit kissing (HAHA that was a joke)

Really it’s just a reality of houseparent life. School teachers, day care workers, & medical staff all have the same problem. It’s just something to get used to.

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