Vacation Time!!

Today is the beginning of a two week vacation.  On Saturday we will be leaving to meet my dad for a week in St. Louis.  We will be staying at his time share for the week and seeing the Arch, Six Flags St. Louis, the Cardinals play the Mets, and a day at NASCAR Speedpark driving the Go-Karts.  We will also play some golf at the resort, take out the paddle boats, play some miniature golf and have some cookouts.  I am planning to continue eating the way I have been and not binge the whole week, yet enjoy some good food like steak and shrimp.

I also know that we will pay for it when we get back to the cottage.  All my dishes in the kitchen will be in the wrong place and many of them will be put away dirty.  The children will be missing half their clothes and the remaining half will be stuffed up under their beds.  I will get to hear stories from the other houseparents about how rotten my kids were to the vacation and relief staff while we were gone as well as all the things they were able to get away with that we never would have allowed.  The children will make us pay with bad behavior for about a week as revenge for leaving them behind.  The med logs will be all messed up, and we will have 2 weeks worth of paper work to get caught up on.  We will have about 300 E-mail messages in our home inbox that will have to be sorted through and will have to get the children caught up on all the appointments they had to miss because of our vacation. 

I am sure there will be other things and we will be totally frustrated for the first two weeks after we get back.  Surprisingly that is equal to the amount of time we will be gone on this vacation.  Go figure?  But all in all I think it will be worth taking the vacation.  I can really use some fun!!

2 thoughts on “Vacation Time!!

  1. Good luck with that whole not bingeing thing. St Louis has the best food out of any city in the country.

    I’m also going to send you twenty spam emails a day to make you pay for wild and carefree ways!!

  2. We too are taking our vacation now but we have all of our boys but one in a two week camp. Lord we need a break as we are celebrating our 6 month anniversary.

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