The Recession

As part of a discussion in “The Houseparent Community,” I posted that I thought private facilities dependent on donations would be most effected by the recession.  I felt that programs primarily funded by the government would be fairly recession proof.  Turns out I was pretty wrong.  What I didn’t take into account was that when the economy was in recession, tax revenue is greatly reduced because salaries and profits are greatly reduced.

According to a recent article by “The Associated Press” cash strapped state governments are having to cut budgets and the programs that are being cut are the ones that most effect houseparents.  They are the community programs and group homes.  I personally think it will cost the states more in the long run to do away with these programs, but I guess in tough times, choices have to be made.

You can read the entire AP article by Clicking Here – “Cash-strapped states cut juvenile justice programs”

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