The Demise of “Ask Mike”

I started the “Ask Mike’ Column when I cancelled the forum a few years ago.  I still wanted to have a way for people to get information and a way for others to contribute in a closely moderated way.  At the time it was a success and has been a help to several people, but with the newly added (well fairly new) Community there really is no reason to continue it.

If you have questions you would like to ask, please join “The Houseparent Network Community” join the discussion and ask your question there.  We have several members that are very knowledgeable and I hope would love to share with you.  If you have information please share it.

For those that would like to add comments to any of the questions/answers previously posted in the “Ask Mike” section join the blog and share it here.

1 thought on “The Demise of “Ask Mike”

  1. Thanks Mike for keeping it going. I have this website to thank for landing us exactly where God wanted us. I have been able to respond and even meet in person launch and his family for lunch. I always enjoy his practical humor. I look forward to him returning as well. Thanks again for keeping this site up and going.

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