Oh The Pain.

I loathe all that is Mac.

Nothing but system errors and messages that seem to mock me; System error, System Timeout, Network Unavailable, Contact someone that loves you- AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I have lost spreadsheets that I have poured my very soul into. Spreadsheets that were formatted perfectly. I had layouts that were pleasing to the eye, a tapestry of color. Gone forever.

I have tried, oh how I’ve tried, to get my Mac to do something as mundane as download music, back up my Blackberry or merely connect to the internet (I’m borrowing a laptop at the moment). It’s no use. Everything the Mac touches it destroys.

The final straw came last night. I had just finished unplugging my Blackberry from the beloved Mac only to see all my contact data was erased. As I gently threw my Blackberry across the living room at the wall, I grabbed my Paul Simon CD and put it in the CD drive in the hopes that old Paul would soothe my soul and stop me from chucking the Mac into the backyard.

Instead, itunes starts ripping the CD and formatting it into some evil Mac language and refuses to play the CD. Desperately I tried to eject the CD but the Mac refused to give it up. My wife got a worried look on her face and quickly walked out of the room saying she thought the baby was crying. She wanted no part of this one. I know now what must be done, I can’t risk another human being being cursed with my Mac, it must be destroyed.

I have spent the last few hours trying to think of a fitting demise for my little Mac. Perhaps I should give it to the boys and let them have their way with it. But if I did that, parts from the Mac would be all over the cottage and serve as nothing more than painful reminders for years to come.

Fire would be a decent way to go, but I’m pretty sure I would go to jail for torching it in my backyard.

Maybe a long drive, a nice quiet field and a box of ammo would be a more fitting end. I’m actually leaning that way because it combines my hatred of Mac with my love of firearms, a win-win situation.

I’m open to any suggestions as to how the Mac will meet it’s end. If anyone would like to donate a PC drop me a line. -Launch 

Mac Attack

I spent the last three days trying to install my new whiz bang toy- a Macintosh. I have never been a Mac man and most of my experience has been with a tried and true PC. Part of the frustration is I’m completely surrounded by mac’s. All of our kids work on mac’s in school and our facility supplies nothing but mac’s for the cottages and administration. I however, have chosen to stay mac free, even to the point of not having a computer in our personal quarters because I’d rather save up enough money for a PC than go the way of the rotten Apple.But, I found a found a deal on a Mac that I could not refuse. Our tech guy on campus is replacing all the old Mac’s with new ones. For 25 bucks I found myself with my first Mac. For that cheap how could I possibly go wrong? I decided to give this Mac a chance. Maybe, just maybe, I’ve been wrong all of these years. So I placed the Mac on my desk in the living room, made a fire, poured a glass of wine and put some Marvin Gaye on the radio to get this relationship on the right footing. I turned the Mac on and everything was moving along smoothly.

I then try and click on itunes to get my new ipod loaded up with some tunes…. Error message. I chuckle, it must be a fluke because Mac never crashes, right? Again I click on itunes, this time I get a network time out error.

Still being open minded about my new Mac experience, I try looking for a customer support number. TWO DAYS LATER I have yet to find a phone number for anyone that can help me.

I have googled and researched how to fix the issues. Unfortunately all the mac forums are full of nothing but disgruntled Mac owners. I did find one guy that shares my frustrations, a fellow Mac hater. (Caution, language is rough in a few areas).

I think as soon as I gather enough cash to get to the store to purchase a new PC, I’ll either donate this piece of junk to the cottage or the rifle range. -Launch