1st Annual Houseparent Network Retreat

Houseparent.net retreat

Houseparent.net technicians in front of secret lair

It’s finally beginning to come together, the first annual Houseparent.net retreat. Rest assured my expectations are set incredibly low as to what the turnout will be, but I figure worst case scenario if only a couple of us show up in Alabama to split a hot dog and share a few war stories around the fire it will be well worth it.

Over the last few years I’ve heard it said more than once that trying to get a bunch of HP’s to gather in one place would be impossible. As a rule we are busy with the kids and meetings, and generally most HP’s don’t care enough about networking or being involved in any community outside of their own living rooms.

If your one of the people that believe that it’s hopeless to try and gather the masses for a time of fellowship and fun, you may be right. In fact it will better for you to stay home, because hopelessnesses of this magnitude is just insane. Besides your facility probably could not function without the joy you more than likely bring to those in your presence.

As for the rest of us, don’t be expecting Dr. Spock or Father Flanagan to make a guest appearance. This is after all the first annual HP retreat. No fancy hotels or speakers, just a bunch of families getting together to fellowship, compare notes and hopefully plan out something more substantial for next year. This is the first step in what I hope turns out to be an annual event that we can all get something worthwhile from- and look forward to the next year.

The one tradition I want to start now is a “House Parent Of The Year”. This individual (or couple) will encompass all the quality, skills and attitude of a professional HP. The lucky recipient will have smack talking rights of being the universally accepted uber HP of planet Earth until the following year. I will look into setting up some kind of email or post a topic on the board for HP of the year submissions.

In the coming days I will be PM’ing everyone on the forum board and sending out emails and mailings to all the facilities I can find. Details will follow in the mailings and emails.

If you and your family are unable to attend, please encourage someone else to go that may have vacation or off time during August 7- 11. Bring your kids, the facility kids, your second cousin, whatever. Just come with an attitude of connecting with fellow brothers and sisters in an awesome ministry. -Launch