Stuck With ME!!!

Launchpad called me yesterday to let me know that he had accepted a new position in Washington DC.  Because of that, he is not going to have a lot of time to blog the next couple of months, so I guess you will just have to be stuck with me for the most part.  I will try to come up with some good stuff on a regular basis while he gets relocated and settled.

I asked him to blog whenever he can until he can blog regular again and he thought he could get two or three entries a month and will be back regular in January 2009. 

In the mean time I make this offer to any administrator.  Send me an article of at least 400 words that you will allow me to publish and I will give you a FREE 3-month Standard Job Listing or a $60 credit toward any other job listing for your facility plus a free One Year Membership to the “Members Only” Section where you will have access to my directory and where members have posted their resumes.

E-mail the article to me at in either Microsoft Word/Works,  Rich Text Format, or as a PDF document.  If I decide to publish it, I will send you a release form.  Upon completion of the release form I will publish the article and issue the credit.  Your article will be published in the blog and may also be published in the articles section of the website.

Depending on the success of this, I may even continue it after Launchpad returns.

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