St Joseph Indian School – Chamberlain, South Dakota

Another stop on my Mother-in-law was in the hospital tour was St Joseph Indian School in Chamberlain, SD.  Actually it was kind of on accident that I ended up visiting there but I am really glad I did.  We were on our way home traveling East on I-90 and I saw signs for the Lakota Museum.  I thought my wife would enjoy the museum and we had been traveling for a while so we decided stop.  I knew that St Joseph was in Chamberlain but I didn’t know the Museum and School were one in the same until I got there.

The Museum was very nice, though I wish I could have taken pictures (photography is not allowed in the museum).  The displays are very informational and well prepared, and the admissions price can’t be beat because it is free.  The gift shop has some nice stuff, some of which we brought home with us.

We were in a hurry to get home so we couldn’t spend a lot of time visiting but I did take some time to take pictures of some of the facilities, which appear to be top notch.  You can find out more information about the school by checking out the job listings section of the website or visiting their website @

The School main building.

A statue outside the front gate

The Akta Lakota Museum & Cultural Center

The St. Joseph Indian School Chapel

One of the Dormitories on Campus

The Freimann Health Care Center

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