Some Crazy Weather!!

Crazy Eather

Here is the pasture behind our cottage after one crazy weekend. It started with over 5 inches of rain Friday and Saturday (there is NOT supposed to be a lake there), then 3 inches of snow Saturday night and Sunday morning. This has been the coldest and strangest winter in the 10 years I have lived down here.

I have been a houseparent in Mississippi for 10 years now and have lived through straight line winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods but this weekend has had some of the strangest weather I have ever seen.

Thursday afternoon it was 72 degrees outside and the kids were having a blast enjoying the spring weather.  The trees are blooming and budding and it seemed like spring was here. 

Friday started with the rain.  Thunderstorm after thunderstorm after thunderstorm.  Our pasture out back is now a lake and when I was picking the kids up from school Friday afternoon, we already had some of the low lying houses beginning to be flooded and streets being closed because of flooding.

The Rare Mississippi Snowman

The kids had a blast for the short time the snow was here

When we went to Basketball on Saturday morning through the drizzling rain the creeks were overflowing and there were a bunch of streets closed and houses with water flowing over the thresholds into the house.  Saturday afternoon the drizzle turned to mist and the wind shifted to the North.  By 6:00 PM the temp was down around 40 degrees.

Woke up Sunday morning to about 3 inches of snow, 23 degree temperatures and a 20 MPH wind straight out of the north.  The kids had a great time playing in the snow.  It is something they don’t get to do very often.  This was the first substantial snow we have had since 2001.  Of course it didn’t last long it is now 11:00 AM and it looks like spring again, though it’s only 36 degrees outside.

Maybe it was God’s way of preparing me for next weekend.  We have to go back to Montana for my mother-in-laws surgery and it is supposed to be a balmy 29 degrees all week.

8:00 AM

At 8:00 am it looked like a blizzard (by Mississippi Standards!)

10:00 am

By 10:00 am it looked like spring again!

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