Smiley Face Pancakes

If you have ever wanted to do something fun for the kids, here is the ticket.  Make them “Smiley Face Pancakes” for breakfast.

I first got this idea from a fellow houseparent when I was visiting a facility in Texas.  All the kids in his cottage enjoyed them very much, even the teenagers.  He used a spoon to draw out the faces and was pretty good at, however every time I tried it, something always seemed to go wrong and they looked BAD (Real BAD).  That was until the day, I found the easy way to do it while watching “Food Network” with my pre-teen girls.

The secret is the squeeze bottle. I got one from Walmart for less than a dollar and cut most of the end off to make the spout bigger and it works great.  Mix your batter thin, so it squeezes out of the bottle easily. 

The Parts you will need: Griddle, Bowl of batter, Ladle, & Squeeze bottle

Gather your materials.  You will need your griddle, or whatever you use to cook pancakes on.  A bowl of batter, ladle, and squeeze bottle full of batter.

Pre-heat your griddle, spray it with cooking spray, and then draw out your faces.  Let them cook for about a minute or so, and then fill them in using a ladle and batter from the bowl.  The longer you let the batter cook before you fill it in the darker the face will be.

Drawing the Smiley Faces.

You can use the bottle to fill in the pancakes, like they did on the Food Channel, but then you have to refill it more often.  I found it was easier just to use the ladle.  I also found that the more practice you get drawing with the squeeze bottle the better your smiley faces will look.

You can also write things into the pancakes.  I thought about writing all the children’s names in their own pancakes but quickly realized I was not that great at writing backwards.  You have to write in reverse, like looking in a mirror, for it to come out readable when you flip the pancake.  I was able to write some numbers backward, so I made NASCAR pancakes.  Those were actually a bigger hit with my children, than the smiley faces were.

Let the Smiley faces cook for a minute or so before you fill them in with batter.

Let the Smiley faces cook for a minute or so before you fill them in with batter.

Any writing has to be backward to be readable in the finished pancakes.

Here are the finished NASCAR Pancakes

Here are the finished NASCAR Pancakes

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