Second Generation Houseparent

I know of some people that are second and third generation houseparents.  We have a mother and daughter that work together as a team at our facility.  The mother has been here for 35+ years.  It turns out it may be a generational thing in my family also.

 I have a 14 year old daughter that left the day after Christmas to volunteer at a children’s home in Mexico.  She is very excited  about helping other kids and worked hard all fall raising money to make the trip.  As parents, her mother and I have been somewhat nervous with her being so far away, but according to the last E-mail we received, she is fine and having a great time.  I think it is kinda cool that I may have passed my passion on to one of my children, and hope she continues to develop it.  I will also be very thankful when she is home again on Thursday.

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