Review Mirror (An Easier Way to Keep an EYE on the Children)

I got used to the big Ol’ mirror I had in my mini-bus to keep an eye on the children that sat behind me as we traved.  It was just like the one on school buses that the driver used to catch you picking on the kid in front of you back when you were a kid.  Last spring they took my bus away and gave me a 12 passenger van.  I quickly released that I had no idea what was going on behind me as I drove down the road and honestly it made me real uncomfortable.

I pondered it for a couple of weeks and thought about using one of those mirrors that parents use to watch their newborn in the back seat, mounting a mirror to a GPS suction cup mount, building my own suction cup mount out of the broken one that came with my satellite radio, etc.  Then baby mirror wasn’t practical because it was too small.  I was too cheap to spend the $49 for the GPS mount, and I just didn’t have time to build my own, considering all the time I had already wasted researching my previous ideas.

Standing in the middle of Advance Auto Parts it came to me.  I could do the whole thing for about $20 and I didn’t have to build anything. 

I bought a cheap replacement rear-view mirror and a clip on wide-angle mirror. I already had the glue to mount the rear-view mirror at home.  It is not included with the mirror.  I mounted the rear-view above the original mirror following the directions that came with the glue and then placed the clip-on mirror over it.  I was able to keep the factory mirror adjusted for driving and adjusted the new mirror for maximum vision of the passenger area. 

A quick glance up at the mirror and I could easily tell who was wrestling in the back or who didn’t have their seat-belt on. 

The only negative I could find was that the mirror hindered the use of the sun visor, but I rarely use my visor anyway and the extra vision I had out weighed my loss of sun-visor functionality.  A hidden plus was that I could see the blind spot on the passenger side of the van better with the new mirror.  This was handy when I was passing other vehicles.

Here is a view of the back with the mirror.

Here is a view of the back with the mirror. Click to view larger version.

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