Man has the summer flown by! We are down to about a week and a half before the Houseparent Network retreat at Monte Sano State Park in Huntsville, Alabama.

This will be a retreat that you just kick back and relax. No agenda, no speakers, just a bunch of House Parents gathering on top of a mountain and having a good time. No pressures and no worries.

To be honest, I had envisioned putting together something with some more substance and people representing different programs to give their propaganda speechs. But in the four months since we even brought up the idea of a get together, I havn’t had much time to contact some of the people I wanted to, witch may turn out to be a good thing. However it goes, at least a couple of us can sit down and try to decide what next year would look like, if it will even happen or not.

But this year it’s just a good time to kick back and relax. Here is a reprint from the forum that has some more info. can’t wait to meet you all! -Launch

From the forum

The retreat is coming up fast. My van is busted and won’t get fixed until next month when I can afford the other half of the $1000 bill. But I will still be there, in true biker form.If you get there call me at 864-938-5231. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone that can make it, and talking about the ones that can’t…. Anyone that shows up you can hook up with me at the campsite. I will have a reddish orange Motorcycle parked at the site and my colors will be hanging out in front of the tent (Bikers For Christ patch with an American flag that says “Vet”).

Mike will be chilling like a big dog somewhere in the cabin area. (Oh to be a wealthy webmaster).

I will be pulling in probably late Thursday night and rolling out on Sunday morning or possibly afternoon if Glidenhi can hook me up with a church service.


It’s not to late to come out and hang with your fellow HP’s. Load the car up and point towards Huntsville, AL (Monte Sano State Park) and have a great time. Bring anyone and everyone and just be yourself and connect with the only people who truly understand what your life is like- other HP’s.

Cabins, Camper sites and for the truly hardcore, tent sites are available.

Tent sites are $10 a night

Cabins for You rich folk are $80 a night

Camper/ electric sites are $18 a night 

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