Report on the Fishing Trip

I am back from the fishing trip and I can report that all the kids had a great time.  We caught lots of fish, and every kid caught at least one fish.

We had one boy from our group that may have caught a world record fish for his age.  It is a 1.8lb Goggle-eye Snapper.  Though it is an abundant fish, apparently it is very rare that you catch one because it primarily feeds at night.  They also don’t grow very large, and are one of the smaller snapper species.  He was very excited and enjoyed the extra attention.

My only real disappointment for the weekend was that everybody pretty much kept to themselves.  I was hoping that all the houseparents that were there would look forward to meeting others and visiting with people that can relate to them.  I introduced myself to a few people, and was able to visit at length with a couple that knew of me through my site, but I quickly discovered that people weren’t real interested in meeting other houseparents.  In fact some of the couples seemed very stand-offish.

I have visited with some people about it and there is a discussion in the forum on my other site “The Christian Houseparent” about houseparents and how they treat each other.  The consensus is that houseparents are either overworked and over stressed to worry about meeting other houseparents or that being a houseparent is just a job to them and they are not real interested in building relationships with other houseparents.  I can agree with both.

If anybody has any thoughts on the subject I would like to hear them as well as ideas as to how the gap can be bridged.  I am thinking I might download, “How to win friends and influence people” for my iPod.  I read the book several years ago, but maybe I need a refresher.

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