Question #8 10/26/2006 Where to Begin – Starting a Home?

I live in N.J. and have been trying to get information in regards to opening a residential care program and have not been successful.  Can you please if you know tell me where to begin?

Thanks Kattia

The very first place to begin is with the licensing agency in your state.  They are usually the same people that license foster homes and deal with foster placements, however there could be an exception depending on which state you live in.  You might start with the state agency listing in my government agency directory.

 You may also want to contact other agencies in you state for information, many are more that willing to offer information about the home and state regulations. One facility I know of has a program to assist others wanting to start their own home.  You can find out more information at

Finally, you can hire a consultant.  If you are unable to find the information you are looking for in the other sources, contact me and I will give you some names you can contact.  I don’t know how much their fee is, but imagine it could be substantial.

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