Question #7 10/19/2006 Is this some sort of Drug/Gang Slang?

I work in a high school and recently had a student ask me to watch his hat (children are not allowed to wear hats in school). The hat had 765 written on it. I asked the student what it meant, he laughed and said it was our area code. I have to tell you, I didn’t quite believe him. Is there some significance to these particular numbers or am I being a little bit toooooooooooooooo cautious. Thanks, Nannie

Area codes are sometimes used to identify the more prominent drug and gang cities, for example 313 for Detroit, 213 for Los Angeles,  and 817 for Fort Worth.

I would say in your case your student either has short term memory loss and needs his area code written on his hat so he knows what it is to call home, or he is more likely a wanna-be that wants every one to know his turf is suburban Indianapolis.

I hope this helps and that others will add their own solutions to your situation. 

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