Question #22 – 4/10/2008 – We have Three Small Children-Any Possibilities?

My husband and I are pastoring at a church right now and are very much feeling like houseparenting of some kind is a right fit for our next area of ministry. After a short time of looking into houseparenting I’m quickly realizing that we may just have too many kiddos ourselves to be of great help to a children’s home of any kind. Though I’m not giving up on the dream of my husband and I serving in this way someday, I was wondering if you feel we should put it to rest for the time being. Our girls are 5,3 and almost 2… but we feel very experienced and able to offer a lot due to our youth ministry background and because of how drawn we both are to parenting full-time and looking into foster care. The whole houseparenting idea just jolted us both several weeks ago and we just can’t shake it… but– so far, “not possible” has been the answer due to our biological kids. I 100% understand… just wondering if we should think toward 20 years fr! om now instead of now.

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Mike’s Response

I can tell you that having three small children is going to extremely limit the number of facilities that will hire you.  Also, when you consider the age of your children, there are many programs you shouldn’t even consider, mostly therapeutic or behavior programs.  I have also seen in the past with others, that with rare exception, facilities that will hire you with more than two children, are also the facilities that have high turnover, which is usually a sign of other problems.

If you decide that now is not the time, you may want to consider becoming foster parents.  It is a way to help out kids in need and also receive valuable training and experience for your future as houseparents.  My wife and I were foster-parents before we became houseparents and still use the skills we learned then – today.

As far as looking for a facility, you may want to join the Houseparent Community There may be someone out there that may know of a facility that can fit your situation.

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