Question #21 – 4/9/2008 – What About My Credit Rating and Driving Record?

Hi Mike, 

My husband and I have worked as relief HPs for about 3 years, and my husband also has 9 years working with high-school students (Job Trainer) and 1 year with developmentally disabled adults. We loved our time as relief HPs (even though it was the hardest job ever!!)and are now thinking about a full-time career. 

The positive:
We are married for 16 years now, and have no children at home. Totally clean background for both. Husband is a great cook, and I am organized and can do all of the requisite paperwork. We have worked in nearly 40 different homes (for the same facility) and have learned a lot from each of how best to (or not to) run a home. 

The challenges:
I have a good driving record (and can handle a big van…) but my husband’s record is borderline. To add to this we have somewhat abysmal credit (won’t say it’s not our fault, but we have had some significant challenges too.) 

So I wondered if you know whether or not there are facilities out there who would even consider us, given these circumstances? 

I appreciate your perspective. 

Thanks DB2592! 

Mike’s Response 

As far as your credit goes.  Although checking your credit is something that a facility can do when you sign that release form, I know of very few that actually do.  When my wife and I started as houseparents we had horrible credit, because of a medical emergency and lousy health insurance.  We have spent our entire time correcting things and now have excellent credit.  I would not include this in your resume, but be prepared to discuss it should it be brought up by a perspective employer.  If you can explain how you are working to correct things I don’t think too many will hold it against you. 

Now for the driving record.  That can be a little more difficult.  When your employer submits your license to their insurance company you can almost guarantee they, the insurance company, will do a records check.  I don’t know how bad a driving record can be, before it is considered bad.  I think it will vary depending on the insurance company.  If the insurance company won’t insure you, the facility won’t hire you.   

This is usually a question that is included with an application and you need to be open and honest when you answer it.  There would be few things worse than to accept a position, and find out after you moved that you cannot be insured and therefore cannot work.   

You shouldn’t let the credit or driving record stop you from applying for positions.  If you find that after trying you can’t find any positions you may need to rethink things, but few people ever get anything they haven’t tried to get. 

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  1. I agree with Mike that you should apply. Thinking about it is not going to answer you question applying for jobs will.

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