Question #19 – 9/9/2007 Being a houseparent NOT able to drive.

I am very interested in a lot of the positions I have found while browsing through the site and on the web. I have tons of experience working with youth, education in adolescent studies and etc. The question I have would be if this is even an avenue I should consider, with a situation I am in. The situation is I do not drive and need to visit the doctor every couple months, do to being a diabetic. As I view each post I notice they require a drivers license and good driving record. Also that most of the facilities are outside of city limits, making it hard if even possible to handle life duties such as doctor visits and etc. So the main question is does anyone know of any facilities within city limits and also if this is a career that one who is unable to drive, should even consider? Thank you so much and have a great day. 

Mike’s Response

I am sure there may be someplace out there, but I can’t honestly think of one place where you wouldn’t need to be able to drive, except maybe as an instructor at a wilderness program.  The children have Dr. Visits, family visits, court appearances, counseling appointments, school functions, etc.  I spend 15-30 hours a week on the road driving to appointments with the children or doing errands like shopping, picking up meds, and running things to schools.  I think if it were me, I would look for something different.

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