Question #17 – 9/9/2007 Can you have a blemish on your record and still be a houseparent??

I have some friends that love what we do for a living as houseparents and they would like to get into this somewhere, but my friends wife was arrested one time for not paying on a check and they wanted to know if this would stop them from being able to become houseparents.
I told them that I think companies will look at there situation??
So I guess my question is can you have a blemish on your record and still be a houseparent??

Mike’s Response

I agree with you and believe, if it even showed up on a background check, that most facilities would consider the circumstances of the situation.  I know somebody that is currently a houseparent and was arrested for the very same thing.  The person paid the fine and it was removed from their record after a about a year.

The background checks that are done by most employers looking for houseparents are for the purpose of finding people that have abused children.  However, employers can use many things to determine if a candidate is appropriate for a position including references, background checks and CREDIT checks.

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