Putting The Beat Down On, Old School Style

Snowball fight

I taught Rodney today the art of snowball combat today. Being a boy from the South, it took him a few minutes to adjust to the temperature, climate and barrage of snowballs to the cranium. My brother-in-law even showed him how to fight dirty, Upstate New York style, by making ice balls from the heat and pressure of your hands. I followed up with a lecture of using yellow snow as the ultimate last resort weapon.

We taught him your opponents greatest weakness is his face, to be followed by the final blow of snow down the back of the shirt. I am convinced that it is these warrior skills that have prepared many a boy to become mercenaries or House Parents of the highest caliber.

We also went off-roading through the mountains and logging trails of Olean, NY. I was pretty sure my brother in law was going to roll us while Rodney kept encouraging him to “Step on it”. We all made it safely home.

We also went sled riding. So far that has to be my best memory of the trip so far. Watching a kid who has never seen anything more than a few snowflakes, go flying down a hill on a cheap Wal-Mart sled. These are the moments I thank God for blessing me with such an awesome job and ministry.

Tomorrow we head for Western Maryland to have lunch with my father and to show Rodney what a real fly fishing stream looks like. -Launch

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