Parent Rapsody, Songs & Musical Mantras for Successful Parenting

This was sent to me by the author of one of my favorite Childcare Training Books (No Such Thing As A Bad Kid). I listened to the CDs and think this is a fun way to learn many of the things we need to be effective houseparents or just parents in general. It really has helped me, for example: Every time I feel like hollering at the kids, the song, “Don’t Yell, Gently Tell” comes to mind. You can watch the video of Don’t Yell, Gently Tell at the Parent Rapsody Website

I have mine loaded on my iPod and listen to them there, which is by far the least expensive way to get it. You can order the album through iTunes for $9.99. You can also order the CD from Amazon or direct from Charlie.

You can get more information about the album and preview the songs and lyrics at

From the Parent Rapsody Website

Words & Melodies by Charlie Appelstein, MSW
This novel approach to parent education combines rhythm, rhyme, wordplay, and engaging melodies to promote core child-rearing practices. A handy companion for all seasons of family life.

More than 25 singers and musicians were used to create Parent Rapsody, including: gospel singers from Boston’s Berklee School of Music; the choir from Temple Shalom in Newton, MA; an award winning trumpet player from Boston College; an internationally renowned vocalist from Virginia, and various members of the popular band, The Adam Ezra Group.

This approach to parent education is based on the science of neurology:

“The brain is designed to change in response to patterned, repetitive stimulation.”

By using engaging melodies and mantras (raps), we hope to make the important principles and techniques presented in this CD more accessible to parents.


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