Nothing Beats A Rainy Day

Ceasers Head Bike Ride

Took a well needed bike trip (See previous post) with another HP buddy today up to Ceasers Head State Park, SC and then on to Brevard, NC for lunch.

The trip started out decent and we made good time up to North Carolina. Had a decent lunch, did some much needed venting and started the roll home. Then, against all predictions from the National Weather Service, it rained.

I knew it would for the simple fact that I didn’t pack anything to ward off bad weather karma. If I would have strapped the rain suit onto the back of the bike it would have been 82 degrees with a gentle breeze. But in an effort to impress my buddy, I left all of my nerdy gear at home, and hence I became wet and cold.

Kinda reminds me of all the times I tell a kid he ought not do something and he does it. Last week I told James not to run around the camp site bare footed. Five minutes later he takes his shoes off again and is doing a wind sprint across the camp site when he trips over a log and comes limping over to me wanting a band-aid. I just find it ironic that just like the boys, I don’t always make the smart choice when I knew I should have.

Coming home my consequence was to drive 70 miles an hour while rain drops pelted me like BB’s for about the last 35 miles of our journey. Of course I never let my buddy know that five more minutes of getting beat down with rain I was going to start crying like a school girl. Thankfully we made it back and I played the tough guy act until I got home and could whine to my wife.

Still a great ride and I had a great time hanging with Josh. Next time the rain suit is coming, along with all of my other nerdy stuff, like the battery heated socks and my coco thermos. -Launch

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