New Book Reviews

I have just finished reading two more books and have posted new reviews for them on the main site, they are: 

No Such Thing As a Bad Kid!: Understanding and Responding to the Challenging Behavior of Troubled Children and Youth By: Charles D. Appelstein.  This book is now my #1 recommended book for residential childcare workers, or anyone that works with children that have “challenging behaviors”  If you would like to read the complete review Click Here 

The other I didn’t like so well and don’t think it should be at the top of your read list unless you are somebody in charge of making policy for the County, State or Country. It is Screwing the System and Making it Work: Juvenile Justice in the No-Fault Society  — By: Mark D. Jacobs

My next book to read is called: “Family-Centered Services in Residential Treatment: New Approaches for Group Care” Edited by John Y. Powell.  I will be sure to report on it when I am done.

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