“Mi Semana Loca” o Realmente “Mi Mes Loco”

Translation: “My Crazy Week” or actually “My Crazy Month”

For those that have been wondering why I haven’t been around much, I can say that I have a very good reason.  My life has been total chaos.  I got back from vacation on the 6th and have been running like crazy since then. 

We got back into the house only to find it was in chaos, just like we thought it would be after our vacation.  It seems like a few of our children have flat lost their minds and totally forgotten that they have lived with us for over 4 years.  They stole all the tomatoes off my tomato bush and smashed them in the yard.  My two younger boys were over by the Campus Life Office urinating in a bucket right outside our social workers window.  That was a fun phone call.  I can’t believe they have forgotten how to eat a meal in just two weeks.  Chomping like a cow, eating with their hands, using dinner plates for desert, trying to hide their veggies under their mashed potatoes, etc.

We (the entire cottage) are getting ready to move to a new house so we have been trying to sort through things, get rid of things and pack things.  I have to tell you that is a chore for 12 people.  Plus we have to paint four bedrooms in the new house, fix some things, clean carpets, wash walls and floors, etc.  Fortunately we have a volunteer group here this week helping us and will have another one next week to help us move. 

 Speaking of volunteer groups, we have had one here almost everyday since we have been back from vacation.  The work they do is very beneficial and we could not get everything done without them, but It is a lot of extra work while they are here.  It takes longer to get through meal time when there are 40 or 50 extra people in the dining room.  Plus they have done a ton of activities with us and the kids like Vacation Bible Schools, Bible Studies, roller skating, the movies, carnivals, pool parties, etc.  We have had a great time, but it sure wears you out  and eats up a lot of the day that you could use to get ready to move.

I have spent almost 20 hours setting up the new Houseparent Network computer.  I never would have thought it would have been that hard to convert over from XP to Vista.  I ended up loading my Office XP, Adobe 7, Ulead Photo Impact 11, along with a few other programs, only to have to uninstall all them and re-install with Office 2007, Adobe 9, Ulead Photo Impact 13, and several others because Vista didn’t like the old ones.  On the bright side, timing seemed to be perfect for the upgrade.  Office Depot had a killer sale on the notebook; I got it for almost $300 off normal price and I didn’t even have to bother with a rebate.  The Office 2007 upgrade was on sale for almost half off.  Adobe just released their latest version and the upgrade was very reasonable, and I got the Ulead Photo Impact upgrade notice the day after I bought the computer and they were offering an upgrade special at over half off.  To my wife’s delight the whole thing cost less than a thousand dollars.

To top things off the church I was attending imploded, beginning last Sunday and ending this Sunday.  I was a member of the church session before I resigned and have spent over 8 hours in meetings over the last week.  We ended up with the Pastor, the church secretary, three session members plus their spouses and families all resigning and leaving the congregation.  I was also the VBS director and we were supposed to start our VBS yesterday.  Needless to say that didn’t happen because including myself, more than half the staff quit.  I won’t go into details about the split, but it boils down to a lifetime church member that decided it was time to run off another pastor and enough other people that allowed her to do it.  On the other hand, the great thing that came out of it, was we are being allowed to attend a church that is awesome.  It is growing, is the most culturally and racially diverse church I have ever attended.  Has awesome children’s and youth groups, which our children love, and have people that understand what we do as houseparents and want to help us.

It truly has been a crazy month and I am getting really tired!!!  However, it will all be over soon!!!  We should be completely moved by the end of next week.  There are only two groups left this summer.  School starts on the 7th of August and we will be on relief and enjoying the 1st Annual Houseparent Retreat in Huntsville, Alabama beginning on the 8th of August.  When we get back life will be much more normal.

At least as normal as it can be when you are a houseparent living with 10 children!

p.s.  As I was writing this I got the notice that the latest version of WordPress has been released.  There goes another three hours, upgrading the Blog software!!!

2 thoughts on ““Mi Semana Loca” o Realmente “Mi Mes Loco”

  1. Man, I thought my week was rough…

    Sounds like you and the kids found a great church out of all the mess.

  2. Yes, that makes me feel a whole lot better from returning from our vacation. Thanks!

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