Merry Christmas From The Heart of Amish Country!

Wow. I forgot what life was like on the far side of the Mason Dixon Line.

Anyway, we are leaving today for Pennsylvania. We are taking one of the kids from the cottage with us. No matter how you cut it, being the only kid left in the cottage without a family or sponsor to spend Christmas with sucks. So we are going to show him how we throw down Christmas yankee style, in Pennsylvania- with snow, ice and car wrecks.

One of our favorite family car games is counting road kill along the way. Deer are 5 points and more exotic animals are based on level of rareness. A Koala Bear for instance would be an easy 50 points, but a California Condor would be worth at least 200 due to it being on the endangered species list.

We will also fight over the car tunes. My wife would prefer to listen to an Avalon CD the entire 14 hours, whereas nothing says Christmas to me like Bad Company’s Greatest Hits. I’m sure Rodney will want something played that has a “Foshizzle” in it.

I am really looking forward to this Christmas. It will be the first time in 15 years I did not have to work. It will also be my daughters first Christmas.

So Merry Christmas to the other two people that read the blog and Happy New Year!!!


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