Memorial Day

Hopefully everyone has had a good time BBQ today, or just a peaceful day kicking back around the house. In any case, sit back and watch the video. Remember that as we sit here, there are others out there putting it all on the line and like it or not, we are raising the next generation that will carry on where we left off at.

This video is for every brother who has spent a night walking patrol in some God forsaken desert.

For those that come home and don’t know why everything seems different and can’t sleep through the night anymore.

For the dwindling WW2 crowd that saved the world from pure evil.

For the Korean vets that fought a forgotten war.

For the Vietnam guys that bled and sweat all over South East Asia for an ungrateful nation of tree hugging hippies.

For every service member that has served or is still serving in a FORGOTTEN Afghanistan campaign.

For everyone that has had to convoy with the thought of an IED blowing them to kingdom come.

For those that never came home and was never declared to be among the living or the dead, forever to be a mystery.

For the ones that served in peace, patiently waiting for the call to come.

And for those that have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country, in war and peace, Thank you.


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  1. I was lucky Ross, as I served during peace time. 1986-1989. Was a peaceful time, although we trained like it was gong to happen. Now, I sit here praying for my son(US ARMY) and can think of no one more grateful to all those who have sacrificed. God BLess

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