Lights, Camera, Action!! Part-III

Well I have to go with at least one more post with a movie theme.  I came across a website called  It has a collection of over 600 documentaries that you can watch for free and also snag for your facebook, blog, website, etc.  It has my number one all time favorite documentary, “Super Size Me.”  This was one of the inspirations for my dramatic life style change and weight loss.

Other titles that may be of interest to houseparents and residential staff are:

  • We are Together
  • The Watershed
  • HAZE – High School Edition
  • Happy Ending
  • 5 Girls
  • American Dream

I encourage you to cruise on over and check it out.  I am sure you can find something of interest.  Depending on your values and beliefs, you will probably also find something that offends you because of the wide variation in available movies, but I still think this could be a valuable resource.

You are also going to need a broadband connection to view them.  Dial up just won’t work.

Click Here to visit the site

If you have suggestions for other houseparent resources, send them to me, I will give you credit for finding it if I post it on the site.

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