Larry Hatchett Fishing Foundation

I got this off their website, hopefully they won’t mind:

“The Larry Hatchett Fishing Foundation takes foster home children deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.
The LHFF will attempt to lessen the unpleasant past experiences in their life by fishing off the coast of Destin, Florida and offering a weekend of fun and fellowship.
The LHFF will give those individuals hope for a better life by demonstrating that there are people in the world that care about them and their welfare.
The LHFF will, as long as financially able and without boundaries, be dedicated to the children that it is fortunate to serve.

The Larry Hatchett Fishing Foundation is a 501c3 Organization based in Memphis, TN that takes foster children deep sea fishing off the coast of Destin, FL. We are currently taking children fishing from Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. The 2006 trip is scheduled for October 14th and will have 150 children. Our goal is to one day take 1,000 foster home children fishing.”

The facility I work for is one of the facilities invited this year and I get to be one of the chaperones.  We will be bringing 10 boys down for the weekend.  I can tell you that they are truly excited and frankly, so am I.  This is an opportunity that many of our kids would otherwise never get, and I am sure it is going to be a great weekend for them.

I am also looking forward to hopefully meeting people that know me or of me through my website.  Many of the other facilities being invited advertise on my site, so maybe I will meet some people that found their position through The Houseparent Network

I will be off the computer during that time Thursday Oct 12th through Sunday Oct 15th, but will be excited to report on it when I get back.

You can vist the Larry Hatchett Fishing Foundation website at

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