It Has A Bunch To Do With Perspective!!

I currently have a really bad cold.  My head is congested, I have trouble breathing, my nose is rubbed raw from having to wipe it and my cold medication is really making me jittery.  On top of that my schedule seems overwhelming, it feels like I am running all the time and we have to eat supper in the dining hall. 

If you have read my blog at all you know I hate eating in the dining hall.  It is institutional food and it is so loud that it makes the play-land at McDonald’s seem like church.  On top of that, some of the other houseparents aren’t very strict about teaching good eating habits, and will let their children eat desert as an entree and bacon bits covered in ranch dressing as a vegetable/salad.  It is very frustrating for me when my kids see that and constantly ask why they have to eat a balance meal.

However, last night’s meal was an opportunity to teach me that I need to get my perspective on many things in order.  We work at a Christian facility, so one thing we always do is say grace before the meal.  We take turns as cottages saying grace and this week one of the housedads from another cottage has been praying.  To give you a little background information on this housedad, I would have to describe him as very pleasant, and rarely do I ever see him frustrated or annoyed. A stark contrast to me.  I am often frustrated and though I wouldn’t consider myself as unpleasant, I am very direct and a little uptight.  I try to use humor a lot, but my wife says I am a smart aleck.

Anyway, back to his prayer.  Winter is beginning to set in and yesterday was a cold miserable day, but when he prayed he gave thanks, “for the cold and different seasons, so we won’t get bored with the same temperature.”  He was thankful for the, “colorful changing leaves that are so beautiful” even though his cottage is primarily responsible for raking them up.  He was thankful that we could all be together to share this meal, even though its so chaotic and loud, it’s like eating at the race track. 

It would seem that he has the ability to look at bad things and see the positive.  Maybe that is the solution.  Maybe I just need to lighten up and look for the positive.  What about you?

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  1. You hit the nail on the head. You have just described me, although I with it was the other house dad, but I am more like you Mike. I am trying though to look past some of the things that really irritate me, but some days it shows its ugly head. My wife says that is what the large cast iron frying pan is for.

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