I’m Back

Feels like forever since I’ve had a chance to sit down and blog something. But I’m back after a week and a half of dealing with the last day of school, failed assanation attempts, two funerals, swim lessons, summer academic program, two going away parties for different kids on campus, two kids moving in and one kid leaving for a perfectly dysfunctional family. To top it all off I have to deal with those on campus that don’t work with kids that smile and say “Aren’t you glad it’s summer and you can relax some with the boy’s?”. In another time and place I would have choked those people out

Yep, been real busy in South Carolina. So much so, that when when Mike Hyde dropped by on his way home to Mississippi he mentioned there was a little facility in Idaho hiring that I may be interested in….(This was where my wife started screaming).

You see, summer for us is not laid back. If anything the schedule becomes more hectic and you are dealing with drama from the time you wake up and it stops when you pass out at the end of the day. This is a great facility, filled with great programs and events. But there is a point when to much programing and scheduling is as destructive as having no program. It’s kind of a yin and yan balance type of thing

But I’m happy. Mostly because I have enough Prozac to make it through until the end of August and also because I know I’m fighting the good fight. I can’t imagine life being anything else than what I do now with people I love, mostly. -Launchpad

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