I Quit

That’s right, I quit. I’m sick and tired of spending the majority of my day doing paper work and typing reports that amount to squat. I still plan on being an HP here, just not at the fanatical level I was doing before this evening.

I vow from henceforth to only work on all the paper work crap when the kids are at school or in bed. Never again will I sit before a computer monitor and work on something that can wait, even if the facility does not think so, until the next day.

The one major drawback to our facility is the fact we kill at least one small forest by 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Some of it is important, have to do type of stuff. Other paper pushing duties are absolutely ridiculous.

SOOOO- I quit. I will do the silly little paper drills only when I am not engaged in doing what I was hired to do, be a parent to these boys. Somehow me spending time playing baseball with the kids seems like more of a priority than catching up on some sort of statistical report that measures if I’m spending quality time with the kids. Taking a walk trumps filling out a bogus food log, especially if it takes away from spending time with a kid.

I’m not exactly sure how my little guerrilla campaign will go down, what is for sure is something will change. I’m not saying I will not do the required paper shuffling, I have to and I will. I’m saying my priorities have been wrong, and no amount of pressure from admin will get me to work on something that takes away from the kids- ever again.

Now that the rant is done, I gotta go take care of some paperwork before 1 am so I can get some sleep and be ready to start being more of a House Parent and less of a secretary. -Launch

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