I Can’t Even Imagine

I am from out west and have spent most of my days living in a COLD climate.  The year before we left Montana was one of the worst winters I have ever endured.  We probably got about 8 feet of snow that winter to go with our bitterly cold temperatures.  I think that winter we had almost 90 days of Zero or colder temperatures and almost 4 weeks colder than -20 degree Fahrenheit.

I have lived in Mississippi for the better part of the last 7.5 years and the summer we are having this year is almost unbearable.  We have had more 100 degree days this year than I have ever seen, and there doesn’t seem to be any relief in sight.  The only semi-comforting thing is that the humidity has been low, do to the severe drought we are having, otherwise it would be like living in a steam room.

Thankfully most of our kids are back in school so they have something to keep them busy besides sitting in front of the TV or playing Xbox.

I work at a home that has been in existence for over 110 years.  TV, Video games, Computers, and Air Conditioning are all fairly new luxuries.  We have only had a swimming pool on campus for less than 4 years.  I Can’t Even Imagine what it was like for our predecessors at this home and what they did when it was this hot, without those other things to take your mind off of it.  I wonder if the kids and adults whined as much then as we do now about the uncomfortableness of the heat.

I find it funny that in Montana you have to deal with the kids driving you nuts in the winter because they are stuck inside the house all day, but in Mississippi the kids drive you nuts in the summer because they are stuck inside the house all day. 

I am NOT sure which is worse.

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