Houseparents and The Department of Labor

It always seems that salaries, minimum wage, and the “Fair Labor and Standards Act” are always topics of conversations with houseparents so I am always looking for information to share. I was doing some searching of the Internet for more information relating to houseparents and I came across two more “Department of Labor Opinion Letters”.  They are both from 2004. 

The first deals with wages and having to stay on the facility during sleep hours.  For most of us,  this is not an issue because we are not going to waste what precious sleep hours we get by wanting to leave (Humor!).  I am posting it as a general resource for those that it may apply to, keeping in mind that the DOL considers all situations on a case by case basis, so it may not apply to your situation directly.

Department of Labor Opinion Letter “FLSA2004-7”

The second one deals with the Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) as it applies to workers/houseparents in a residential facility.  As I discovered in another “Opinion Letter” (FLSA2005-2) it confirms for the vast majority of us, we are not covered by the FLSA under the “enterprise” condition because we work for Non-profit organizations and don’t do enough interstate commerce to be covered individually under the FLSA.

Department of Labor Opinion Letter “FLSA2004-29NA”

Disclaimer:  This is posted for informational purposes only.  The DOL considers all cases individually so this information may not apply to you or your facility.  If you have questions concerning you status under the FLSA you would need to contact the Department of Labor (DOL)

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