Dropping Benjamins

So here I am, starting a brand spanking new website for reviewing different child care facilities. I figure maybe $100 will get me going on godaddy.com and I will add the title webmaster to my resume. Think again.

It seems that running a website is a bit more expensive than I anticipated. To get a halfway decent set up I need to drop at least 300 bucks. I don’t care what facility your at $300 in our world is still a pretty big chunk of change. I also need to replace the camera that got stolen in Atlanta a few weeks ago, along with my voice recorder. Won’t be much of a facility review without some pictures.

So the website will need to wait until after our Houseparent Retreat in Alabama this August. I will still be hitting the road and reviewing a few facilities before then, but don’t look for anything to be up on the net until September.

I also need to do some serious research into how to secure the web site. You would be amazed at the comments and spam some sleaze bags leave on this blog. Everything from child porn links to electric lawn mowers.

Due to my recent education in web expense and evil spam, we all need to take a moment and thank a man that is responsible for the entire HP Network, Mike Hyde.

All those times I heard him complaining about spamming infidels, cost, upgrades and massive amounts of time spent working on the site, I thought he was just being kinda girly. After all, how hard is it to run a website?

Mike, thanks for creating and keeping this site running , even when most of us out here really can’t imagine the blood, sweat and tears involved in something like this.

Anyone that would like to donate, oh lets say a thousand bucks, to get the facility review up, give me a holla. (I know it’s a long shot, but it never hurts to beg). -Launch

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  1. Well launch I wish I had it to give. Words cannot express what Mike has done. His contribution was a tool used by God to place us here where we believe God wanted us to be, so in fact Mike was used by God for us. Many thanks and prayers

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