Creating Tradition

This post is a little late for the just ended Holiday Season but is just in time for all of the upcoming Holidays. As part of a discussion we were having in the forum, a user called CaringCouple pointed out that we should include the children we care for in all aspects of our Holiday celebrations and I 100% agree with him.

Many of the youth we care for come from very troubled families and have often missed out on many of the things we take for granted. They often miss out on things like decorating Christmas Trees, coloring Easter Eggs, Labor Day Barbecues, etc. One of the things we can do is provide these opportunities for them.

Even when we worked B-mod we have always included the youth in holiday decorating and festivities. It is always enjoyable to watch so called hardcore kids let their guard down and participate in holiday festivities. Our last Christmas before leaving B-mod, on Christmas Eve we worked with the boys to make gifts for their families. The gifts were nothing more than pictures that were cut out of a magazine, that we had burned the edges with one of the many lighters we confiscated from the kids. We then decoupaged the pictures onto a scrap piece of wood and the boys signed their names to it. I can honestly say that was one of the best times we ever had with the boys in that program.

If you want to take a major step in building relationships with the children you care for – include them in your holiday celebrations.

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