Come on People, Lighten Up a Little!!!

I am sure the people that need to read this will probably never see it but I have to say it anyway.  Anybody that knows me, knows that the Christmas season is one of my least favorite times of the year.  I don’t like the over commercialization of Christmas, that now starts in August and that more and more people expect you to spend a years wages on buying gifts for everybody you know. 

On top of that I have come to dislike it even more out of empathy for all the children I have cared for over the years.  Christmas is supposed to be a time of celebration with the family, but for many of the children I have cared for and continue to care for that is not a possibility and for those that are able to spend it with their family it is rarely a positive experience. 

I’ll freely admit that I get a little grumpy during the Holidays, but I have run into some people lately that make me seem like the spirit of Christmas cheer.

Yesterday, I was peacefully driving my 15 passenger bus down the road in the right lane.  Exactly where I should be when following the speed limit and traveling with a load of children.  There was a guy that was merging on to the highway in the merge lane to my right.  Rather than speed up and merge in front of me or slow down and merge behind me, that individual felt the need to lay into their horn for two or three seconds, I guess to signal me to move to the left into the other lane, because my presence in my current lane was inconveniencing him.  What he didn’t know is I have about a million blind spots and don’t change lanes unless I absolutely have to.  He eventually slowed down and pulled in behind me just before he ran out of lane. He stayed behind me just long enough to smash the accelerator like it was a restart at a Stock Car race passing me in very short order, finishing off the pass with the famous one fingered salute. 

Today I received a phone call from a lady in Georgia, the reason I know she was from Georgia was because I googled the phone number when I got home.  Anyway I answered the phone like I always do, “Hello, this is Mike.”  She seemed confused and responded, “uh, I was looking for The Houseparent Network.”  I replied, “Yes, you found it” in a pleasant casual voice to which there was only silence. So I followed up with, “How can I help you?”  She responded in a very rude voice, “I don’t think you can” and as she was hanging up the phone I heard her say, “Very unprofessional.”  I thought to myself, “now what’s up with that.”  My only conclusion is that it must have been somebody that found my website doing a websearch because they have the desire to help poor little orphans during the holiday season, but only if they can get some special recognition or special treatment from it.  What she didn’t realize is that the purpose of my website is to help children by trying to help facilities find good competent staff and helping people that want to serve children to find a position that matches their strengths.  Had she stayed on the phone long enough, I would have been more than happy to explain to her that I wasn’t an orphanage and would have gladly directed her to an organization that probably could have used her generosity.  When I answer the phone I will always be pleasant, I will always be courteous, if that isn’t enough I don’t know what to tell you.

I realize I am making an assumption here, but it really doesn’t matter.  If it was an administrator, which I don’t think it was, she is way too up tight for me to want to work with, and if she was looking to be a houseparent she is way too up tight to be a houseparent in the first place.  I can only imagine what her reaction would be the first time a kid called her a dirty #%$&#$%^%#$.

There really is a point to all of the rambling and here it is.  The next time you get annoyed with somebody else’s behavior and you feel like you have been wronged, say to yourself, “I probably don’t know the whole situation so I am just going to lighten up and go with it.”  That is what I am going to try and do!!!

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