Clean Walls by The Trash Can

One thing that has always bothered me while living with children is the fact that no matter how large the opening of the trash can – the wall next to it always ends up covered in dried up ketchup, spaghetti sauce, oatmeal, syrup, etc. 

 And even though it only took me about 15 minutes each week to scrub it off, (Rarely, did I ever actually see the child that made the mess, so it was usually dried on and crispy by the time I got to it.) that is 15 minutes I would rather be doing something else, like helping the children with their science fair projects or something.

One day, after scrubbing the wall down again, I noticed the poster-board sitting beside the refrigerator.  I went and got me some sticky-tac (that stuff you use for putting up posters) to go with the poster-board.  I then placed the poster-board behind the can against the wall and secured it in-place with the putty.  Now whenever it gets dirty, I replace it with a new poster-board and it looks good as new.

At my facility poster-board is plentiful (a company donated a 4 foot tall pile of seconds a few years ago that we have been able to use about 6 inches of) but I am sure freezer paper or something else would work just as well. 

You might ask what this has to do with houseparenting?  Time saved not having to do tedious tasks, means more time to spend with the children doing important things!

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