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Time to break the silence of my self imposed exile into the nether-world of Yankee city living. The move from South Carolina was traumatic to say the least. I go from being happy that I have unlimited access to Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts to outright depression when I think of the friends I left behind.

My wife and I have also been able to see a glimpse of what God has in store for us. Shortly after arriving here my two sons from a previous marriage came to live with us and we moved into a house that was a little on the wild side. After a few weeks of cleaning house, searches, police reports and a nasty rash (long story) we are at the point where things are running fairly smooth.

Paperwork and government bureaucracy are insane, but that’s just the nature of Washington, DC. It’s never personal, just a lot of people with a lot of education and over-time enforcing redundant policies and regulations while trying to make a living.

Before coming here we were warned that the kids would be the most trying part of our job here. Honestly they have turned out to be the best. Our work with the boys here has been extremely rewarding, working with them is without a doubt the highlight of my day.

Then there is the down side. Paper work is insane. I have given serious thought to sending an email to Al Gore, Captain Planet or any tree hugging hippie that would listen to me complain about the 10 acres of trees we kill every day by filling duplicate copies of original copies. I spend more on printer ink in a week than what a family of four spends on groceries in a month.

I have learned that the office copier only works while you swear at it and the fax machine has developed some sort of Reactive Attachment Disorder. My 2 gig flash drive hangs from my neck like some kind of yuppie dog tag. I have nightmares about Excel documents refusing to open and cell phones that have no signal. Oh how I miss the south. 

On the bright side I have met some of the hardest working Social Workers and therapists I have ever ran across. For example, when was the last time you saw someone from the state after 5pm? It’s not uncommon to see ours at 6 or 7pm visiting with a kid. I truly admire people like that.

Finally, if by chance something did happen to me in the city, just remember I went out doing what I love and was called to do. Unless of course you found me dead at my desk with a self inflicted stapler wound to the head…..

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  1. Nice to have you back Ross, I had tried to call and email but I understand you were quite busy. Anywho just wanted you to know that we lifted you and yours up in prayer. Call when ya can….Have a good one….

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