Battle Of The Bulge

I was really looking forward to the Houseparent Network retreat this past week, partly to socialize a little bit, but mostly to see how Mike was doing with his diet. The last I had seen Mike he had already dropped a lot of weight, this time he looked like a different person. Standing next to him I felt like a fat girl at a beauty pageant. It was down-right disparaging to be standing next to a guy that was as fat as me less than a year ago. 

Not being one to sulk to long, I figured he would party like a rock star during the retreat and suck down enough smores and soda to plump back up by the end of the weekend. No man can live off of tofu, and yogurt for long, at least not a real man. But all my hopes were dashed at dinner that night. 

Old Mike fixed steak. Good bloody, hair on your chest steak. Apparently that’s what he eats all the time. No green grass and dandelion shakes, no yo-plait or organic dill-weed. This is the kind of diet I could do if I can convince my wife it’s actually not going to kill me in a year of a heart attack. Whatever he is doing, I need to do it. 

I listened to him talk about having more energy to keep up with the kids, how he felt better and just how much less stressful he feels. To say I felt convicted is an understatement. A big part of long term survival in residential childcare is decent health and lets face it, most of us haven’t missed a meal in a long time. 

I am determined to drop 70 pounds. Using Mike as my inspiration and convincing my wife I need to eat steak three times a day, I will make it happen (Well, maybe after I get a second job to pay for the steak). One way or the other, this big old gut has got to go. 

I think the real change in any behavior such as eating, drinking, substance abuse and gambling starts when you are just sick and tired of doing the things that are hurting you. I’m at the point that my own gluttony is making me sick, I am more than ready for that change. 

Mike- You are definitely a role model for the rest of us heavy weight lovers living the dream in residential childcare facilities across the nation. Just please don’t post any pics of you flexing in a speedo…. -Launch

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  1. Let me set the record straight -I don’t eat steak every day, it’s only every other day!!! No not really, I only eat steak about once a week and it is usually cheap steak not the ribeyes that I brought to the retreat.

    The rest of the time I eat grilled chicken, fish, burger as well as baked chicken, ham, turkey, fish. I can also eat fried meats as long as I leave off the breading. My menu also includes salad, lots of salad: taco salad (minus the tortilla shell), grilled chicken salad, chef salad, side salad, etc. I don’t eat pasta salad, potato salad, or bean salad but I can eat tuna, chicken, and crab salad if it has no sugar in it.

    I eat lots of green veggies like: broccoli, green beans, zucchini, spinach as well as cauliflower, turnips, celery, cucumber, onions, and some tomatoes.

    What I don’t eat is bread, pasta or anything with much sugar in it. I only eat about 30 grams of carbs each day, though I don’t take time to count them. I just know what I can and cannot eat to stay around that number. Once I reach my ideal weight I will start introducing things like whole wheat pasta and the occasional whole wheat tortilla or bread, but my days of eating like I used to are long gone. I don’t think I will ever again eat cake, pie, candy, donuts or any of those other things that made me look the way I did, it’s just not worth it.

    Unlike any other time in my dieting life, I have not cheated one time since I started this new lifestyle back in April. I am too afraid to. I fear that if I cheat once, it will be easier to cheat the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or to the point that I just eat like I used to. Fact is I don’t miss it anymore. I feel so much better and have such a better self image that the desire to wear cool clothes and be one of the small people in Mississippi out weighs my desire to eat junk.

    Launch I won’t wish you luck because that is not what you need. I will wish you strength, perseverance, and determination because that is what it takes. Be Blessed.

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