Back From Vacation

Well today was my first day back in the cottage after a two week vacation.

First let me share about the vacation.  It was great!!!  We had a bunch of fun in St. Louis.  Went to the top of the arch.  Watched the Cardinals spank the Mets, which was great because they lost 2 out of the next 3 games. Rode some roller-coasters at Six Flags.  (Didn’t even have to worry about the attendants saying, “I’m sorry sir you are too large for this ride.”)  Played some golf, tennis, miniature golf, pool and arcade games.  Did some shopping, Union Station is really cool, and participated in one of the nations top ten 4th of July celebrations which ended with watching fireworks going off above the arch.  The cherry on top was that I kept to my lifestyle change and lost 3 pounds while I was gone.  Not many people can say they lost weight while they were on vacation.

Coming back into the house was not as fun, in fact it was funny (peculiar funny) when we were driving home how our manner and personalities seemed to change.  We started dreading coming back because we knew how difficult it would be.  Missing dishes, clothes, etc.  Went to grill hamburgers this evening and couldn’t find my big spatula anywhere.  Dreading all the stories about all the things our kids did while we were gone.  Had to hear about how some of our younger children got into our birthday gift closet and opened all the toys and how our difficult child somehow came across some matches and tried to burn the house down.  All the mirrors on my bus were out of whack and my preset for K-LOVE didn’t exist anymore.

There were other things, but there really is no point listing everything.  If you have ever been a houseparent you know what it is like to come back into the cottage/house after relief and how much worse it is after vacation.

I also learned some things I am going to have to change about the website.  Like buying a new notebook computer that is 100% dedicated to just the website (Page editing, file storage, page uploading and e-mail)  and getting one of those wireless Internet connections through my cell company.  Trying to check your email on a computer not set up for e-mail is ridiculas when you get almost 200 spam messages a day.  I don’t know how many important e-mails I deleted trying to clean out the spam.  It is also impossible to make updates when you are dependent on motel wifi that seems like a 28k dial-up connection.  This last week we didn’t have any type of Internet in our unit and I had to drive down to the office to get anything.  There has got to be a way to maintain the website and still be able to leave town from time to time.

Anyway, I am back – time to go to work and hopefully tomorrow I will feel refreshed and ready to do it.

2 thoughts on “Back From Vacation

  1. 4th of July at the Arch? Man that must have been one crowded party!

    I think you may be on to something with a laptop that has a cell card. Good luck talking the wife into it!

    Glad your back bro, just aint the same around here without you keeping us in line;)

  2. Didn’t even ask, just did it. Got a killer deal on a display model at Office Depot. I am going to run the Internet through my hand computer with a tethering plan. That way I will have Internet on my phone and will be able to connect the PC when I need to.

    As far as the arch, I am guessing there was about 200,000 people standing on Market Street and Soldier’s Memorial for the concert and Fireworks. My wife was a little freaked out, but 180,000 plus at a NASCAR race is pretty normal, so I was OK with it.

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