A funny Story

I have to share this story because I find it humorous and hopefully you will also. 

I was visiting with the maintenance person over by the main office today and asking him what he was up to.  He said he was working with one of our development people, creating props for pictures they were going to take this afternoon for some PR materials.  He was building one of those signs that have boards cut with points and names of places on them pointing in different directions on a pole.

The development person was going to write the places on the boards. She saw the boards and was trying to figure out how to write the names on them when she got quite perplexed and said, “you cut them all the same direction.”  He said, “No, if you want them to go the other direction, you flip them over and start writing from the pointy side.”  When she realized her blunder, she got real embarrassed and we all laughed, including her.

It was extra special for me, because I was having kind of a crappy morning and it brightened my day.

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